Armor for the Medieval Kitten

This weekend, I spent far too much time sacked out in the living room watching the World Cup. While the games were going on, though, I decided that my kitten almost-cat deserved to have a shiny suit of armor.

Every cat should own a set of sturdy armor, of course. It provides valuable protection for the spine and flanks when an inevitable battle breaks out with the dreaded Forces of Dog. And so I made a chainmail suit for Ragnarok, my faithful feline companion.

The armor didn’t take as long as expected — I finished up even before Germany vs. Australia came on. (I cheated and used a really really large ring size. That helped.)

Not too surprisingly, Ragnarok was slightly less-than-thrilled about having his own armor to wear. But he is a very brave kitten, and although he looks at me with very sad eyes when I put the chainmail on him, he wears it with a stoic grace. And by “stoic grace,” I mean, “occasionally and unexpectedly falls off chairs because the weight throws off his center of gravity.”

Sir Kitten boldly surveys his domain.

And because my co-blogger might just murder me if I dare post more than one gratuitous kitten picture outside of a cut, click below to see more of the Adventures of Brave Sir Kitten: Continue reading