Armor for the Medieval Kitten

This weekend, I spent far too much time sacked out in the living room watching the World Cup. While the games were going on, though, I decided that my kitten almost-cat deserved to have a shiny suit of armor.

Every cat should own a set of sturdy armor, of course. It provides valuable protection for the spine and flanks when an inevitable battle breaks out with the dreaded Forces of Dog. And so I made a chainmail suit for Ragnarok, my faithful feline companion.

The armor didn’t take as long as expected — I finished up even before Germany vs. Australia came on. (I cheated and used a really really large ring size. That helped.)

Not too surprisingly, Ragnarok was slightly less-than-thrilled about having his own armor to wear. But he is a very brave kitten, and although he looks at me with very sad eyes when I put the chainmail on him, he wears it with a stoic grace. And by “stoic grace,” I mean, “occasionally and unexpectedly falls off chairs because the weight throws off his center of gravity.”

Sir Kitten boldly surveys his domain.

And because my co-blogger might just murder me if I dare post more than one gratuitous kitten picture outside of a cut, click below to see more of the Adventures of Brave Sir Kitten:

Bravely bold Sir Kitten rode forth from Camelot.

My dignity. Have you seen it anywhere?

Our brave knight ventures forth into the wilderness, as far as his leash will allow.

On second thought, Sir Kitten is going nowhere fast in his armor. Perhaps the leash is less than necessary.

Sir Kitten and the Pug Menance Prepare for Battle

The Pug are Legion, but Sir Kitten is mighty.

Sir Kitten delivers a death blow to one of the mighty pug army.

One pug down, one to go.

Ragnarok is disgusted by the humans’ treachery. They have protected the final pug from certain annihilation at the paws of the Armored Kitten. Petting a dog? Why would you do that when there is a perfectly good kitten at hand?

And thus the adventures of Ragnarok, Knight of All Things Not-Dog, came to an end.

Stats on the armor: Body of the armor is European 8-in-1, out of 14G, 1/2″ aluminum rings. The under-body straps are just byzantine chain, with 20G, 7/64″ brass rings.

And for more ridiculously impractical armor, check out my previous post on Armor for the Medieval Lawyer.


6 thoughts on “Armor for the Medieval Kitten

  1. Thank you for this. Found after we thought “there should be armoured kittens in the world; perhaps the internet knows of some”.

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