Cuccinelli Birther – Health Care Conspiracy, Redux

Half of the predictions in my last post has come true. According to the Washington Post, Cuccinelli’s office confirms Virginia will sue over health care. As Cuccinelli noted, the only way he, as the AG, could get a chance to challenge the Obama birth certificate is “only if there is a conflict where we are suing the federal government for a law they’ve passed. So it’s possible.” Looks like he found his chance. According to the AG’s letter to Rep. Pelosi,

[T]o be validly enacted, the Senate bill would have to be accepted by the House in a form that is word-for-word identical. Should you employ the deem and pass tactic, you expose any act which may pass to yet another constitutional challenge. (Emphasis added.)

And just what, pray tell, are the ‘other’ challenges? That the Bill was not signed into law by a valid president?? You heard it here first, folks.