I Hear Dusseldorf, Japan is a Nice Place to Visit This Time of Year

Earlier today while I was in the car, I was listening to c-span radio, half-paying attention, and they were airing some debates in the Senate on health care reform. Someone — it was a senator, I am reasonably sure — was discussing pharmaceutical regulations and foreign pharmaceutical manufacturers. So he was droning on about “pharmaceuticals made in Paris France, pharmaceuticals made in Brussels, Belgium,” etc., etc., etc. He named about five or six different nations.

And then, while finishing up his haranguing, he declared, “And also pharmaceuticals made in Dusseldorf, Japan.”

Which, if I had to guess, was the most hilarious thing said on c-span all day, if not all week. (It’s not stiff competition.) And yeah, I actually cracked up laughing. But now I want to know who the hell it was that said that, and the internet is no help at all. I guess it’s possible I aurally hallucinated it? Don’t think so, though. I just want to figure out which senator it is that somehow thinks Dusseldorf sounds like it could possibly be located in Japan.