Comedy Break

On torts-guru John Banzhaf:

“I can’t believe this guy is a law professor at a major university” states Barbara Jenkins. “It is a sad day when they allow someone with such a lack of credibility teach law to our young men and women, he sues people and organizations with no basis, just to cost them attorney and court cost to benefit Pfizer and anti-American practices, even politicians look at him as a leach on society.

“ASH has received millions in funding directly from Pfizer as a “partner” according to this post on a blog. This brings serious questions about the credibility of Pfizer’s tactics by using an attorney that is proud to be referred to as “communist” and lacking real legal skills to the point that a Congressional House Committee conducting a hearing about John Banzhaf’s frivolous lawsuits commented that the best way to beat John Banzhaf was to “simply let him keep speaking.”


Attorney Banzhaf hopes soon to see smokers incarcerated in smoke-free prisons or even to realize his life’s ambition of frying them in an electric chair for the crime of smoking tobacco[.]

Check out this line from the second quote: “according to this post on a blog.” That has got to be the most amazing citation I’ve ever seen. I’m going to use that from now on whenever I’m having trouble finding a source to back up a claim — of course it’s true, I saw it on this post on a blog once!

And say what you will about Banzhaf, but the man’s got the most terrifying volleyball spike I’ve ever seen in a law professor.