How to Put a Computer in a Picture Frame

My home computer died last week, as a result of what appears to have been a suicide pact between my CPU and my motherboard. That’s my excuse for the lack of recent updates, anyway.

But while I didn’t have a chance to do any blogging, I did have a good excuse to rebuild my computer. Here’s the result:

Picture Frame Build 2

Space-saving, plenty of airflow, and no more reaching down to plug or unplug USBs. Also economical — it saves you from the expense of having to buy both a computer case, and also a picture to hang over your desk.

Of course, if I tried to make another one, there are definitely a few things I would do differently. Like use something other than a box cutter to cut out an opening for the front panel:

Picture Frame Build

A box cutter can cut through wood, as it turns out. It just takes a really, really long time.

There is one small problem with having a wall-mounted computer that I didn’t consider before I put it up, though. And that’s the fact that my cat is convinced the computer fan and the wires were intended to be fascinating new toys for him to play with.

Picture Frame Cat

Maybe I’ll get some pigeon spikes for the top of my desk, that should fix the issue. Otherwise I’m pretty happy with it, as a prototype. There’s even room left over on the board for a new graphics card if I want to upgrade later.


7 thoughts on “How to Put a Computer in a Picture Frame

  1. Is that a main coon kitty? I had one that looked exactly like yours. Rescued from an abonded ones fish camp, really “knocking on heaven’s door” skinny. She became beautiful and was the sweetest cat I have ever had. She would follow me from room to room and if she woke up and didn’t see me, would meow until she found me.

    • He is indeed. We think. He was a scrawny and smelly rescue kitten too, so no clue on his origins, but he’s got the size and toe tufts of a maine coon.

      He also insists on following from room to room, and refuses to let any photograph be taken without him getting in the way — which seem to be common maine coon attributes. Annoying as hell, but great cats.

      • Amy bell has been in heaven for over 5 years but seeing yours brought tears to my eyes. I think they are known for their sweet nature. Lucky you, Susan!!,

  2. Holy hell that’s atrocious! You didn’t think to have the wires come out of say, one hole? Looks like something a high school kid would do for a project. Yikes! No wonder you can’t comprehend what’s going on in politics right now, or that you have 77k “followers” on Twitter with a pathetic engagement rate of 0-10 comments per tweet, on average. You suck!

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