Protip: Don’t Register Your Copy of Microsoft Office Under a Ridiculous Name

Before sending out important documents in Word format, it might pay to double check the name you used to register your copy of Microsoft Office.

This tip comes courtesy of a law student who, earlier this week, sent me an email applying for an internship position. I can only assume that he, like a lot of people when faced with a software registration prompt, typed in a ridiculous name on a whim, and then never gave it a second thought.

But unfortunately for this law student, when a Word document is viewed inside of Microsoft Office, the Author tag is fairly prominently displayed:

Poor dude. I’m guessing he doesn’t realize he’s been going around submitting a resume that claims to be written by Pretty Princess. (And I can only wonder how many times over the years I have made this exact same mistake myself…)

In case you’re wondering, you can find out how to change the author name for Word documents over here.


1 thought on “Protip: Don’t Register Your Copy of Microsoft Office Under a Ridiculous Name

  1. It’s also a good idea to keep this in mind when using resume templates. Some people download Word files off the internet, fill in their information, and save. Be sure to make sure that “Ass Face” didn’t make your template. The real pro always uses PDF to preserve formatting, anyway.

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