EDVA’s Tasteful New ECF Color Scheme

The website for the Eastern District of Virginia’s ECF system is having some issues. It has unexpectedly acquired the following color scheme:

And so, when I logged into ECF earlier, I was suddenly and unexpectedly confronted with a screen entirely filled with the most horrifying shade of green-gold the world has ever known. The color has been variously identified by attorneys viewing it as “aggressively cat diarrhea green”, “baby poop green”, and “ebola-infested olive.”

A quick look at the source code for the page shows what it wrong — and reveals that, thankfully, EDVA is not intentionally inflicting that color scheme on its users. Apparently, whoever handles the website was trying to go for the much more predictably bland #999966 for the background shade. Unfortunately for them, they accidentally set the color with the following: <BODY BGCOLOR=#999966″>. And, as I am reliably informed by someone who knows a lot more about such things than I do, that little extra ” has somehow managed to convert the website’s background from the staid #999966 into the cringe-inducing #999600 instead.

Now let’s see just how long it takes for them to fix it.


Update: As of July 27, the website is still not fixed. Damn, EDVA needs to look into hiring some new, more diligent tech people.

2 thoughts on “EDVA’s Tasteful New ECF Color Scheme

  1. Hilariously, they also have left public some of the internal script labels:

    “This message is contained in the file OperationNotice.htm.
    You may use this file to alert users to current CM/ECF operational issues.”

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