Another Step Forward

I got back home tonight just in time to hear that it really had gone through: New York has legislatively authorized same sex marriages.

Forty years from now, everyone is going to claim that, on this date, they were “not against” gay marriage. Some might still claim they were “against the way it was done,” but that they “weren’t against it in principle” — because obviously the only philosophically valid piece of legislation is one done by popular referendum — but very few will acknowledge that they believed that marriage equality would be a contributing cause to the destruction of America, or that they thought today would be a day to be mourned.

And that’s fine. Letting people forget that they disagreed with Brown v. Board was the best way to proceed, and it is the same here.

But tonight, freedom scored another victory. By a small amount — albeit a very large amount for those whom it directly affects — there has been an increase in the ability of Americans to order their lives as they see fit, in accordance with their own beliefs and convictions.

And to, most importantly, live their own lives however they goddamned want to. That is worth celebrating.


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