The Greater D.C. Area’s Worst Named Company

This D.C. area contractor clearly did not do much marketing research before choosing a company name:

I had to check the company out to make sure this was not some kind of prank, but yes, RA Hyman Restoration, Inc. is indeed a real business:

RA Hyman Restoration, Inc. helps people and businesses that are in need of emergency restoration services for damages caused by flood and fire due to accidents or natural disasters.

Whatever marketing research they did plainly failed to include the 13 year old boy test — an important stage of concept testing where, before unveiling any new marketing strategy or company name, you run it by a panel of 13 year old boys first. (Or, apparently, a panel of sufficiently immature 25 year old lawyers.) If their first reaction is to giggle, ditch the name.

I did wonder at first if perhaps this is an old, established company that was saddled with an unfortunate name in a previous, more innocent era. But alas, no, the company was created in 2007. They have no excuse.


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