Independent Political Parties Have All the Best Names

From Rhode Island, here are two more awesome independent party names. In addition to the The Rent is Too Damn High Party and the H.E.R.O.S.H.E.R.O. Party, we also have Gregory Raposa of the Vigilant Fox Party and Robert P. Venturini of the Hour With Bob party.

Sadly, while Vigilant Fox party sounds like exactly the kind of party I’d want to join, whether the political kind or otherwise, the Vigilant Fox Party has a rather esoteric platform. Raposa campaigned for (and lost) the seat for Rhode Island’s First Congressional District.

Independent Gregory Raposa was born in 1947 in Fall River, Mass., and currently lives in Bristol. He earned his associate’s degree from the Community College of Rhode Island in 1968 and a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Rhode Island College in 1970. A taxi driver in Boston, Raposa is a member of the Vigilant Fox party.

“I don’t believe in imposing a fine on people who work, so, as a first step in destroying the income tax, I propose to eliminate income taxes on people earning less than $50,000. This income tax money – freed up – will act as a stimulus to the economy in a more natural way than current stimulus packages. A graduated income tax will start after $50,000 to earn the same in taxes as now. I am also proposing to completely revamp the educational system, eliminating almost all schools and colleges, in favor of home and self education, use of modern technology and paying student and their parents directly for their learning accomplishments. This income will allow a parent to stay at home, educate their child, and become a real family again. By 15, most students will have a college degree equivalent. The savings—about half a trillion dollars a year – year after year. I also propose to eliminate retirement benefits for new federal employees. Democrats and Republicans are the worst enemies of this country. Admit your past voting mistakes and stop voting for them.”

The Hour With Bob party is much more heart-warming:

Robert P. Venturini is the familiar, friendly face of “An Hour with Bob,” and “Bob’s Big Adventures,” local cable-access shows watched by Rhode Islanders for 19 years. Some readers have doubtless been on his programs.

Venturini, 62, seeks to parlay his TV-show role as unpaid “state booster” and his community service through hosting an annual Toys for Tots telethon, into elected office. He is in a three-way race with Elizabeth H. Roberts, the incumbent endorsed Democrat and former state senator, and fellow independent Robert J. Healey Jr., who wants to abolish the job to save taxpayers’ money.

“I’m a regular guy trying to make a difference,” said Venturini, a real-estate agent, Cumberland native and Pawtucket resident.

I wish more candidates had their own shows on public-access networks.


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