Gary Bolton is MIA, but the GT200 is Still in Action

Back in June, the London Police raided Global Technical, Ltd. — the maker of the GT200 fake bomb detector — as well as two other companies with similar product lines. Since then, however, there have been no further updates either on the investigation or on the activity of Gary Bolton, the officer of Global Technical.

Unfortunately, while Mr. Bolton has gone quiet, the GT200 is still out there on the market. Despite being warned by the UK about the fraudulent bomb detectors, Mexican authorities are still buying the devices, and still believe in their magical narcotic and drug detection abilities.

A friend of mine helped me with translating a couple articles that discuss the GT200, and sadly, neither of them are even slightly critical or suspicious about the GT200’s alleged abilities.

See here:

Dozens of Victorenses who were visiting GranD Campestre (the local mall) were surprised not by the presence of a large group of soldiers, but by the maneuvers they were doing.

Some curious people asked what it was about.

It turns out the military was putting to use in that area a modern detecting device.

It’s the GT200, which, with a long antenna and an inserted card, located cocaine, weapons, gunpowder, marijuana just by holding it near the suspicious vehicle.

And also here, describing how Querétaro’s government has completely drunk the GT200 Kool-Aid:

The Secretary of Citizen Safety in the state of Querétaro is acquiring armored vehicles, vehicles with video surveillance equipment, and the GT200, which, he says “is an instrument used by other national organizations, which allows us to detect at a distance possible explosives, corpses, weaponry, ammunition; it’s sophisticated and it works at great distances.”



5 thoughts on “Gary Bolton is MIA, but the GT200 is Still in Action

  1. It is worse, a lot worse.

    These devices, the GT200 and ADE651 are used by Mexican Army, Mexican Navy, Pemex, and a lot of State Police Agencies. They search for drugs, weapons, and as we could see a couple of days ago, even for land mudslide victims.

    However, the GT200 and ADE651 aren’t the only dowsing rods in Mexico. The Alpha 6, HEDD1 and another one (chinese, I believe), as far I know, have been selling. I don’t know to this time if some goverment agency bought any of the later.

    As you noted, most of the press coverage on this subjet is embarrasing acritical. Here you have (google translated) a couple of recopilations I have on my blog:

    If you compares with the critical press, you can see there is a big difference on the coverage, not in quality of course, but in quantity:

    Some citizens have tried to alert to the main press, but (almost) nobody listens, and when some journalist does, all the rest of the mexican press just ignores the information and the nonsense continues. Even in the same newspaper…

    Nice picture, don’t you?


    • The fact these things are still in use is both horrifying and mind-boggling.

      Someone needs to sue the bastards already. There has got to be some theory under English or German law that would allow recovery — and, sadly, there are plenty of people out there who’ve suffered some sort of injury as a result of these things. It’s just none of the plaintiffs are in an easy position to bring suit in a foreign court, so Global Technical and ATSC get to keep on running their scam, ugh.

  2. Hi Susan, Great news about Gary Bolton, see the below, reprinted from the City of London website………
    “Five charged by Overseas Anti Corruption Unit (OACU)
    On 11 July detectives from the force’s Overseas Anti-Corruption Unit (OACU) charged Joan Tree, 60, and Sam Tree, 65, from Bedfordshire, Anthony Williamson, 57, from Hampshire, Gary Bolton, 46, from Kent and Simon Sherrard, 49, from North West London with various Fraud Act offences. All the accused were released on bail and are due to appear at City of London Magistrates on 18 July.

    The charges, following consultation with and advice from the Crown Prosecution Service, relate to a long term parallel investigation with Avon and Somerset Constabulary regarding the manufacture, promotion and sale of a range of fraudulent substance detector devices to foreign jurisdictions between 15 January 2007 and 12 July 2012.

    The details of the charges are:

    Gary Bolton faces two counts contrary to sections 2 and 7 of the Fraud Act 2006, relating to a device called ‘GT200’, which it is alleged was dishonestly represented as capable of detecting explosives.

    Samuel Tree, Joan Tree, and Simon Sherrard have each been charged with one count contrary to Section 7 of the Fraud Act 2006, involving an ‘Alpha 6’ substance detection device.

    Anthony Williamson faces the same charge in relation to an ‘XK9’ device.

    Simon Sherrard faces an additional count contrary to Section 6 of the Fraud Act 2006 for possession of an Alpha 6 substance detection device for use in a fraud.

    On July 11 Avon and Somerset Constabulary charged James McCormick with three counts contrary to section 6 and three counts contrary to section 7 of the Fraud Act 2006, relating to three devices, known as ‘ADE 101’, ‘ADE 650’ and ‘ADE 651’. He appears before City of London Magistrates on July 12.”

    • I saw the charges this morning, from a Google news alert I’d set.

      About time all of those bastards started getting what’s coming to them. Jail time would be a nice start.

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