“Anybody from Minnesota is admitted.”

Earlier this morning, I was a reading a transcript from a hearing before the the District Court for the District of Colorado, and it included the following exchange:

MR. KELLEY: We also have motions pro hac vice for two other members of my firm from our Minneapolis office who are not admitted in Colorado.

THE COURT: Okay. Well, I am going to grant the motion for admission pro hac vice, but I do need to tell you it says that Mr. Liebman graduated from Yale Law School, and it’s my understanding it’s so hard to get there, that there isn’t one.

MR. LIEBMAN: I apologize for going there.

THE COURT: Don’t they just give you a degree once you get the admission standard?

MR. KELLEY: In redemption for or mitigation he is steeped in Midwestern values and only spent a brief period of time out there.

THE COURT: Anybody from Minnesota is admitted.


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